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Experience Circle TJ Farm Fresh Meats

It is our mission at Circle TJ Farm Fresh Meats to bring you the most wholesome, nutritious meat you can purchase at a price that families can afford.  It is our goal to bring to you the same satisfaction that we enjoy while consuming our own home raised animals. 

We are able to ship to any state, can deliver to the KC metro area for a delivery fee, or we can meet in Olathe Monday through Friday for no charge. 

If you would like to place an order or are just interested in learning more about us please fill out the message box below with your order or questions.

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Our Products

What’s In Store

Current Specials


  • Whole $3/lb

  • 8 Piece Processed $3.50/lb 

  • Legs $3.50/lb

  • Drumetts/Wingettes$3.50/lb 

  • Breasts$6.50/lb 

  • Thighs $5/lb

  • Eggs-$5/Dozen

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  • Hamburger - $5.25/lb 

  • Roast - $6.00/lb 

  • Fillets - $15.00/lb 

  • T-bones - $15.00/lb 

  • Ribeye- $15.00/lb 

  • Stew Meat - $6.00/lb 

  • NY/KC Strip - $12.00/lb 

  • Brisket-$4.25/lb 

  • Beef Ribs-$5.00/lb 

  • Round Steak-$ 6.50/lb  

  • ​Sirloin-$8​ 

  • Heart, Tongue(sold out), Liver-$3.00/lb 

  • Oxtail, Soupbones-$4.00/lb 

  • Whole, half or quarter beef - $3.50/lb + Processing fee


  • Sausage(mild,med,hot,chorizo) -$5.00/lb

  • Bacon - $7.00 / lb 

  • Pork Chops - $6.00 / lb

  • Ham Steak - $3.50 / lb

  • Whole Ham-$3.00/lb

  • Pork Roast - $4.25 / lb 

  • Pork Ribs - $5.25 / lb 

  • Bratwurst -$7.00/lb 

  • Brat Burgers-$7.50/lb

  • Ground Pork-$5/lb

  • Whole or Half Hog - $2.25 + processing fees.


  • Whole Turkey $4.00/lb SOLD OUT

  • Wings, Thighs, Legs-$5/lb SOLD OUT

  • Breast-$6.5/lb SOLD OUT

  • Whole Smoked Turkey-$6/lb SOLD OUT

  • Ground -$6.5/lb SOLD OUT

  • Smoked Legs/Wings-$6/lb SOLD OUT


Ground Lamb-$11/lb 
Neck Roast-$8.75/lb
Lamb Leg-$10/lb
Lamb Chops-$14/lb
Whole Lamb-$7.5/lb + Processing Fees. 

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Due to inventory issues all bundles are temporarily unavailable.

All cuts available are listed above, sold out items will be updated daily.

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